Marketing ideas for your dental practice

 Marketing ideas for your dental practice

Every small business needs to focus on marketing to drive traffic through the door, and a dental office is no exception. Connecting with potential new patients and reconnecting with current patients is the lifeblood of a successful dental practice. Here are a few ideas to help you get the most out of your marketing efforts.


Send direct mail postcards to the neighborhood around your office to introduce yourself and your practice to potential new patients. Offer a discount on services for new patients, bundle cleaning and whitening, or make the postcard itself into a coupon.

Create a robust website

If you don't have a website, hire a designer who specializes in dental marketing to create one. New patients search online for dentists, and your practice must have an online presence in order to be found. But your website isn't just for attracting new patients. Build in the capability for current patients to make appointments, check the results of their examinations, and get access to specials and deals online. It's a great way to keep patients engaged and make them feel like a partner in their own dental health.

Up your online game

In addition to a website, consider creating a Facebook page as another way for potential patients to find you. Also, make sure you're on review sites like Healthgrades and Yelp, and ask satisfied patients to rate you, perhaps offering an incentive for them to do so. Customers are using review sites more and more to choose everything from where to eat out for dinner, buy a car and yes, have their teeth cleaned.

Use Google Adwords and Facebook Ads

Target an area within a five-mile radius of your practice, and make sure to run your ads when your office is open so that someone is there to answer the phone.

Run a contest

Combine direct mail postcards, your website and Facebook page to create a fun contest that will engage new and potential customers. It could be "the best smile" contest, in which you encourage potential and new patients to post their photos on your Facebook page, or "best photo of a child's first trip to the dentist," or anything else you dream up that will get people engaged. Offer prizes like $1,000 in free dental work or gift certificates for discounts on cleanings or whitenings.

Cross promote with nearby businesses

Start a "neighborhood business" newsletter (email, print or both) that you can send to both of your customer lists, use social media to promote each other's brands, or run specials together like discounts if people patronize both businesses.

Track what works and what doesn't

Pair each campaign with call tracking software or other online tracking systems that can monitor how many new calls, website visits and, ultimately, appointments it generates.


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