Dental Practitioners

Practice related issues affect your financial life in many ways -keeping abreast of cutting edge technology, running your practice as a business, managing dental school and other debts, and tax management to name just a few.

We can assist in achieving your financial goals- both personal and for your practice. Based on a complete understanding of your needs and goals we will craft a strategic plan for you. As a division of NorthEast Community Bank we can also assist you with the financing or re-financing of dental equipment.

As an extremely busy professional you probably don’t have time to focus on everything. This is why most successful dentists surround themselves with excellent management systems and advisors to allow them to focus on what they do best – dentistry.


Worry about what you can control. Hire people who can help alleviate your financial concerns. Conversations about targets and plans result in a tailored game plan developed specifically for you. Our guidance from implementation, thru adjustment periods to fruition is our promise. Remove the obstacles you face, seize this opportunity to work with our caring team.


Studies say 82% of working Americans over age 50 indicate it is likely they will work for pay during retirement, and 47% of people working now expect to retire later than they originally planned. Whether you are retired or aiming towards retiring, are you on the right path? Finely tuned investment portfolios, tax strategies, IRA and alternative investment vehicles may meet all your needs but what if they don’t? Our in-depth discovery process will evaluate your current situation and help you to determine the best strategies moving forward.

Life Transitions

A transition is a life event that triggers some kind of change in your life. For instance, an IBM executive had an offer from an evolving technology company with brilliant prospects. We spent hours with him and his wife examining and discussing all aspects of their decision. Thankfully, he took the offer after we suggested how to sweeten it, and it worked out so well he took an early retirement. But that’s just one kind of transition. We’ve been through many transitions with clients. The hardest ones fall into three categories. First, the failure of a clients’ business. Second, and most often, the heart rendering divorces. Thirdly and most sad is a death in the family of a client. Most often disease has taken one of the spouses. This is obviously a time of mourning but also one of the most critical times to resolve financial issues; when no one wants to think about them. We have a very experienced team that has helped many clients through these and other transitional situations. We help facilitate the necessary changes and relieve the pain associated with them.

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