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Clarify Vision & Future

It takes a certain perspective to see the big picture. It is our task to assist you to see those possibilities you may not recognize on your own. It’s important for young athletes to sit down and think about what they imagine their lives will look like after they retire from sports. Do they have a next career in mind? Or will they save enough to step away from the game all together? With younger and younger athletes entering the Major and Minor Leagues, some athletes will "retire" from their professional baseball career before they hit age 30!. If they live into their eighties, that's fifty-plus years of life left to fund.

Balance Professional Career & Life

The gift of being a professional athlete is they have the ability to acquire extraordinary wealth at such a young age in their career. However, this is also time to realize your career is much shorter than the rest of the workforce. Athletes, being so competitive, have to put a lot of time and hard work into their careers. Most do not have the time to manage their day to day finances. The Harbor West Team assists the player with their personal transactions as well as works to help them prepare for a lifetime of success and wealth.

Create Financial Independence

Comfortable financial independence throughout their retirement years is the single most common objective our clients seek. Whether you are twenty years or two years away from retiring —or already in retirement — we can help. Most of our clients require tax-saving strategies that must be incorporated each year. There are often times in one's financial life that a significant tax event occurs necessitating careful examination. These include taxation in multiple states, a sale of highly appreciated assets, a pension, a retirement payout decision, a charitable giving opportunity or a host of other situations. We work with you and other Trusted Advisors to assure you are receiving the best tax treatment possible.

Help & Protect Family

Risk management is a vital element of any financial plan. There are events and occurrences in life that we simply cannot predict. However, we can help to guard ourselves against financial devastation in the face of these unfortunate changes with different types of insurance tools. For instance, Life Insurance can provide many benefits. It can provide security for the family in the player's absence. It can be utilized for income during retirement as well as help cover long term care medical coverage.

Keep your eye on the ball!

Clarify Vision & Future Balance Professional
  Career & Life
Create Financial
Help & Protect Family
Plan for the Future Meet Your Needs Simplify Finances Help Children
Financial Planning Income Planning Investment & Savings Educate About Money
Retirement Income Limit your Expenses Home & Other Assets Loans & Gifting
Estate Planning Budgeting Aggregate & Automate Special Interests
Valuations/Projections Pension/Social Security Asset Allocation Special Needs
Ease Life's Transitions Enhance Lifestyle Reduce Taxes Manage Education
Marriage Establish Residence Tax-Loss Harvesting Savings & Inv.
Birth/Death Family Trips & Events Tax-Deferred Investments Private Vs Public
Career in Retirement Hobbies & Leisure Federal & Muni Securities Student/Parent Loans
Divorce Lease vs. Purchase Tax Credits Grants/Scholarships
Give to Charities Concierge Services Protect Assets Care for Beloved
Planning Strategies Manage Personal Banking Insurance Wills & Trusts
Tax-advantaged Gifts Property Management Liquidity Power of Attorney
Low Basis-Assets Travel, Hotel & Car Service Real Estate Medical Directives
Give to Community Errand Services Avoid Scams Protect Heirs

A proven approach

We take a disciplined approach to financial planning because, time and again, we’ve seen it work for our clients. And that’s why we believe it’s the best way to put your goals and dreams more within reach. Through an ongoing personal financial planning relationship, you’ll find the support you need to:

  • Take advantage of opportunities and address the issues that come with each of life’s milestones.
  • Find and close gaps that could keep you from achieving your dreams.
  • Plan for your goals and make confident decisions based on your needs and unique financial situation.
  • Address complex areas of your financial life, such as leaving a legacy to the people and causes you care about most.
  • Track your progress and adjust your plan to stay on track with your goals.

You're Safe with Harbor West!

Harbor West is a wealth management firm, a division of Northeast Community Bank dedicated to helping our clients reach their financial goals. Whether it’s assisting with your professional career, financial security for you and your family or retirement planning, helping navigate through life transitions like marriage/divorce, or asset and investment management, we customize your financial plan to your individual goals, aspirations, even dreams.

Is my Money Safe?

This question is on every investor's mind, given the recent turmoil in financial markets. At Harbor West, several important support systems, and checks and balances, are in place to help protect your investment portfolio. 

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