Financial Planning

Retirement Planning

"A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish" - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

It takes a certain perspective to see the big picture. It is our task to assist clients to see those possibilities they never recognize on their own. There are two primary steps in retirement planning — accumulation of assets and income distribution. Planning for this sequence of events is both a science and an art. Comfortable financial independence throughout their retirement years is the single most common objective our clients seek. Whether you are twenty years or two years away from retiring —or already in retirement — we can help.

Education Planning & Funding

Providing funding support for a child's education is among the most important financial commitments most parents will make. It is also an increasingly significant financial commitment. One effective tool utilized for education funding is the 529 plan. The Advisors of Harbor West can assist you in developing a plan to fund this all important goal.

Estate Planning & Charitable Planning

An optimal integrated financial plan incorporates aspects of philanthropy and likewise an optimal philanthropic plan is rooted in an effective and integrated wealth management process. We engage clients in an intentional process that seeks to understand their objectives, identify available resources and formalize their intentions.

Income Tax Planning

Most of our clients require tax saving strategies that must be incorporated each year. There are often times in one's financial life that a significant tax event occurs necessitating careful examination. These include liquidation of stock options, a sale of a business or highly appreciated asset, a pension rollover, a retirement payout decisions, a charitable giving opportunity or a host of other situation. We work with you and other Trusted Advisors to assure you are receiving the best tax treatment possible.

Planning for the Unknown - Risk Management

We feel it is our obligation to consider the insurance needs of our clients and believe there are numerous effective and appropriate ways to incorporate insurance into an integrated financial plan.

Ongoing Oversight

This isn’t a “set it and forget it” situation. We’ll have our eyes on your investments and monitor the progress you’re making to achieve your goals. We will sit down for periodic meetings to update you on how it’s performing, and assess if we have to make any changes or shifts. Your financial plan isn’t written in stone. It’s a road map. But life has a way of changing the destination when you least expect it. You might have a transition like a marriage or divorce, a new opportunity, or an upturn or downturn in your monthly finances. That’s why your plan will be flexible and responsive to whatever life has in store down the road.

Investment Management

The Harbor West team employs a time-tested, hands-on approach to investment management that is built on our collective experience, expertise and judgement. Our approach is anchored in a strong philosophy developed over more than twenty years of helping clients through both up and down markets. First and foremost, we want our clients to sleep at night, confident that we have constructed a sturdy financial ark that can successfully navigate the financial markets’ unpredictable weather and increase in value over time. We use externally-managed mutual funds, select stocks and bonds and exchange-traded funds as our main building blocks of investing. We strive to construct a well- chosen portfolio of investments that will provide you with a superior level of diversification, liquidity, and a reduced level of risk. Whether we are evaluating a fund manager or an individual issuer, we seek a proven track record, disciplined strategies and clearly stated goals.

Equally important is what we don’t do. We don’t speculate or gamble with our clients’ money. We avoid timing the market or chasing the fickle hot sector of the day. We don’t trust the emotions of the moment. While we construct a custom-designed portfolio for each client and manage your portfolio for you, we also discuss design specifications with you ahead of time and value any input you choose to share along the way.


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