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Stress Test Your Financial Situation

Take this financial checkup & in ten easy questions, you will know which essential aspects of your financial plan are healthy and what needs attention. Your score will also give you clues about the level of risk in your investment strategy that's healthy for you.

Please check the answer that best fits your situation and click the Next button at the end to see your total. 

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  • I know my goals, & their estimated cost & timeline.
  • I have goals but don't know the details yet.
  • The future looks really fuzzy & it's hard to set goals.


  • My income from sources like my job, investments, pensions, Social Security, is reliable & grows each year, & is more than enough to pay the bills.
  • My income is enough to pay the bills but I'm worried that my income may not be enough in the future.
  • There's barely enough to pay the bills.


  • My job is secure & my skills are in high demand.
  • My job is pretty secure but it would be difficult to find another job at the same pay.
  • I need new skills to find a decent job in today's economy.

Cash Reserves

  • I have cash savings equal to at least half of my annual income or expenses.
  • I have cash savings equal to less than half of my annual income or expenses.
  • Cash in the bank? I wish.


  • I'm saving 10% or more of my annual income.
  • I'm saving 1 - 9% of my annual income.
  • Saving? No can do.


  • My investments are doing what I want them to do.
  • My investments need to be reassessed, taking into consideration my objectives, time frame & risk tolerance.
  • My investments are not doing what I would like.

Retirement Plan

  • I am, or will be, financial independent.
  • I'm not sure about retirement but am participating in a retirement plan and/or setting aside some money for it.
  • I have no specific retirement plans.

Health Insurance

  • I have health insurance & use it.
  • I have health insurance but hesitate to use it because it costs too much to get medical care.
  • I don't have health insurance right now.

Life Insurance

  • People (like a spouse & childen) depend on me financially & I have life insurance equal to at least four times my income. Or no one is dependent on me financially & I have life insurance equal to at least one year's income.
  • People depend on me financially & I have life insurance equal to at least twice my income.
  • People depend on me financially & I have life insurance equal to less than twice my income.

Estate Plan

  • My will, durable power of attorney and healthcare power of attorney are up to date.
  • I have a will, but not a durable power of attorney or healthcare power of attorney.
  • I just haven't gotten around to updating or completing my estate plan.

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